Flat Rate Loan

 · Fixed rate of interest: In this case the rate of interest payable remains fixed throughout the loan period. But this kind of interest rates are comparatively bit higher (usually 1% – 2.5% higher) when compared to floating interest rate and only a few lenders offer this option.

Mortgage rates were basically flat during the week ended feb. 28, as the average rate for a 30-year fixed-rate mortgage was unchanged compared with the previous week at 4.35%, according to Freddie Mac.

Flat interest rate is an interest rate calculated on the full original loan amount for the whole term without taking into consideration that periodic payments reduce the amount loaned. In other words, Flat Rate of interest basically means that interest is charged on the full amount of the loan throughout its loan tenure.

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So, in the long run, you won’t get any returns while selling off.” Avoid taking flat rate on car loan flat-rate schemes on car loans are misleading for the borrowers as the effective interest rate.

Rates on personal loans can be calculated in two ways – as a reducing rate or as a flat rate. With a flat rate, the rate is calculated on the entire principal amount of a loan (the full, original amount borrowed) whereas with a reducing interest rate, interest is charged only on the outstanding amount of the loan on a periodic basis.

APR or Flat Rate Loan Repayment Calculator. This calculator provides a method of comparing compound and flat rates of interest. Flat rates of interest are often used in illustrations because they appear lower than the APR but are in actual fact more expensive. For example, an APR of 7.8% represents a better value than a flat rate of 5%.

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 · Flat rate of interest is the simple rate of interest calculated on the entire loan amount without considering the amount of loan repaid by you. On the other hand, reducing balance rate of interest (even this is not the effective rate) calculates the interest for each period based on the actual outstanding amount of loan.