Difference Between Family And Living Room

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A: The living room and family room are two important parts of a house that often get confused. As home design trends shift and open plan layouts become more common, it can seem difficult to distinguish between the two rooms. However, there are several key differences.

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Hi! my question may be a bit odd but i’m from mexico and we do not share this between cultures, non the less, I really like the american type of room that has a sofa or two, with a coffee table, side tables, (we call that "the living room") but I like the kind of room that you have that is a bit more cozy, with a fireplace, books, and. what else do you put in there?

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The family room serves a similar function in the home to a living room: it’s a gathering place for everyone to convene and relax together at the end of the day. That said, there are some differences. Family rooms are more relaxed spaces, and tend to be more kid-friendly. It’s also a newer concept that dates to the mid-century.

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