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Hard Money Loans For Business Start Up business loans. budget mortgage corp. We can lend to any kind of legal entity. Hard-money commercial loans from $100K to $2M. 1st lien only; 30-year fixed due in 3-7 years; 50% max LTV; light doc OK; no minimum FICO; purchase or refinance; cash-out OK. Direct Lender.

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A bridge loan or hard money loan from Prime Resource Capital can make all the difference when you are bidding on properties. If the property has sufficient equity, poor credit is often not an issue. We can fund projects based the performance of the underlying asset. Rates and Criteria for Hard Money Loans and Bridge Loans

A hard money loan (HML) is a short-term financing solution, issued by private lenders, that allows real estate investors to obtain capital fast to develop, flip, or own properties directly. A hard money loan is secured by the value of the subject real estate property, not by the borrower’s credit score.

Best Hard Money Loans for real estate investors. hard money Loans Made Easy. home. residential hard Money. Fix and Flip Loans. Construction Loans.. the loan officers at Maxim real estate group Inc. have been helping real estate investors obtain quick, reliable and hassle free funding for.

How Hard Money Lending Works Hard Money Loans How it Works Unlike traditional bank loans that have strict guidelines and requirements such as credit scores and income verifications, hard money loans rely on hard assets you already own (real estate).

Hard money/private loans are usually either fix and flip loans or bridge loans.. for projects that are hard to finance, or for projects that require very fast closing.